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AZ8451 AZ8451 - 05DF / K2 / MC / ES + AEF - 31 - TL1 - YA

AZ8451 - 05DF / K2 / MC / ES + AEF - 31 - TL1 - YA

Small Cylinder bed is suitable for attaching elastic tape on small circular portions such as leg opening of swimming pants, etc. Stepping motor driven metering device with tape cutter ensures accurate and uniform finish, also eliminates waste of elastic. 26 x 20 different elestic tensions can be stored in Multi programmable controller (MC). K2 Automatic thread chain cutter (vertical type) MC: Multi programmable controller. ES: Safety switch for tape cutter. AEF-31: Compact type clamp system automatic tape feeder. TL1: Compact spot light (fixed type)

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